500 words a day challenge – Gone Girl

I went to see a very powerful movie last night. I usually pick a movie because I saw the trailer or read about it or heard about it. I also pick a movie because I’m an unconditional fan about a director or an actor. It doesn’t really apply to this movie.

David Fincher? On a first question I would think, after squinting my eyes and shirring my nose, ‘it rings a bell’; when prompted about Seven, Panic Room or Benjamin Button and the excellent TV series House of Cards, I would definitely think ‘this is a great director’. Ben Affleck? Besides Argo I saw him more in the people press than in movies. If I bumped into him in the street one day I would not even recognize him. Rosamund Pike? An illustrious unknown to me. Never saw her anywhere, may have heard her name.

So what made me go yesterday to the movies when I had not gone in three or four months? My daughter, studying movie making in Paris, said ‘OMG mom you have to see this movie, it is so good and twisted and it’s rated 8.5 on IMDb’. Indeed. IMDb is this new site that has become the internet Bible on movies, actors, directors, etc. IMDb is known to be harsh and when Schindler’s List gets 8.9, many other great movies barely achieve a 7. An example? What about Bob, our family’s favorite movie with excellent Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss – we know every scene by heart. Nevertheless it only got a low 7.

So Gone Girl has 8.5. The title is unappealing to me but I’ll go. Since I live in Budapest, my secondary reason to go to the movies is to see the subtitles in Hungarian and therefore make progress in this very hard language. The poster is unappealing. Tonight there is no subtitles in the theater. I can focus on the movie only. It starts slowly and seems simple, well-acted but fairly simple and then we get more engaged … Then the first twist comes and half an hour later the second twist. David Fincher plays the audience like a puppet. We go where he wants. Our thoughts and emotions are racing.

It would not be fair it I was to write about the twists and reveal the plot. I don’t want to spoil such a good movie. I can describe the context and the first part though.

A couple has been married for 5 years and it is the morning of their anniversary. She is always very creative on these days and gives him clues to treasure hunt his gift. He has more trouble finding good ideas. While he scratches his head about what to give her for this wood anniversary we get to know her through their past that she describes on her diary: when they first met, dating, getting married, moving from thriving New York to ‘burb-town’, Missouri. We get to know her uppity parents and his country style parents, his twin sister … So far you see it is simple, almost a chick-flick movie … wait ‘til you see the rest.

1 thought on “500 words a day challenge – Gone Girl

  1. Everything reads well. One minor suggestion, since you’re writing for both metric and English readers, is to put the metric number into english or visa versa beside it. Makes the read more fluid since I don’t have to stop and say “How many feet is that?”.
    Write on!!!! Big T


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