What being a TCK means to me

I like my daughter’s perspective on this because she was a teen when we joined the Foreign Service which is a tough age to be uprooted!

Life as a Third Culture Kid

The very first thing about being a TCK: it’s complicated. Many people will ask you questions that are so hard to answer. “Where did you grow up? ” “What’s your hometown?” “Which high school did you go to?” “Who is your best friend?”, and this is just a sample, to which we, TCKs answer in this manner : “A bit everywhere” ” Ummm, I’m not exactly sure” “I don’t think you know of it” “My best friend in which country?”.

Being in college means meeting new people, and meeting new people means that they will ask you questions about your life, and sometimes, you don’t feel like answering, because simple questions turn into really long answers. 

Living all over the world is very different from just being a tourist. When you are a tourist, you get to take pictures, and visit places that should be visited when going to that…

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