I’m the spouse of a diplomat who joined the Foreign Service in 2006 as a second career. We are currently on our seventh assignment in Beijing after Washington, DC (a hardship tour as everybody in the FS knows), Budapest, Islamabad, Mexico City, Dakar, and DC. I worked in the private sector before, mostly for international high-tech companies. I was director of marketing and communication. We love travels, new cultures, food & cooking. We also love our daughter, son, and little Italian greyhound Venus (RIP 2018)! We also like writing, reading, photography, diving, horse-back riding, hiking, and surpassing ourselves in crazy challenges like doing things in mature age that we would not have dared as teenagers.
I’ve always written on old fashion paper. I am brand new at blogging so bear with me. Photos and other improvements will be coming soon! Topics will be about travel & culture, the Foreign Service and anything else that strikes my fancy.

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